Here are some helpful links if you are interested in learning more about child safety and injury prevention!

  • Parachute (previously Safe Kids Canada) – Parachute is the national injury prevention program of the Hospital for Sick Children and a member of Safe Kids Worldwide, a global movement to prevent childhood injury.
  • Child Safety Link – Tips on how to check that you have correctly installed your car seat, as well as information about using helmets and home safety products. It also discusses keeping kids safe from poisoning, drowning, falling at home, toy safety and safe playgrounds.
  • Children’s Health and Safety Association – Outlines areas of potential dangers for children and offers suggestions on how to limit risk of injury throughout a child’s lifespan.
  • Child Safe Canada – This resource’s youth courses focus on various topics relating to child safety, including leaving your child home alone.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Identifies leading causes of child injury and outlines preventative measures parents and caregivers can take to mitigate the seriousness of injuries.
  • ALTER Facilitator Instructional Video